I think that this week really goes along with last week in looking at different characteristics and reasonings on why someone may commit a crime whether it be biological or psychological. “Biological explanations of deviance have focused on physical appearance, genetics and inheritance, and biosocial factors related to how individuals respond to, and in turn shape, their surrounding environment” (Whitehead 2016). Psychological is more of the mental capacity, the personality and inner workings of the person.

The first thing I wanted to go over to understand my theory is nurture vs. nature and the differences between them. Nurture as I understand it is someone who is made into a criminal for example. If a person is exposed to drugs at an early age, there is no real role model or someone to shield them from this. They grow up and lets say follow in the footsteps of the environment that they are brought into and become a drug dealer, this is someone who was nurtured into this role. Whereas nature is someone who was born that way with a pre disposition for the crimes. Some have argued that people are born with certain characteristics and also brain functions in which they cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

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