The debate on biological and psychological perspectives of sexual deviance boils down to nature versus nurture. Biological and psychological theories look to explain why some individuals are more likely than others to commit sexual deviance. Biological theorist would lead you to believe that these unacceptable behaviors are innate and that a person is born with them.  On the other hand, psychologists lead you to believe that these unacceptable behaviors come from what they learn through social development and their human interactions.

Researchers have attempted to explain sexual deviant behavior through biological abnormalities.  Biology theories focus on the organics, biological processes and what makes up an individual to explain why a person acts a certain way. For example, biological theories into deviance would look into hormone levels and the chromosomal makeup that may have an effect on sexual behavior. However, the biological makeup is said to only be one component to the many causes of sexual deviations. Other things to consider when considering the biology theory are like allergies, serotonin levels, vitamin deficiencies and responses to certain drugs would then affect a person’s tendency to act deviant. Things like aggression are said to be linked to the level of androgens and the levels of testosterone. Although, the studies seem to conflict with this information and have not consistently shown if levels of testosterone and androgens are linked to sexually deviant acts. Not only are hormonal levels looked at but also studies of the brain and cortex are conducted along with neurology studies

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