Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes


Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes

Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes # 6, 7 and 8 (100 points/ 30% of final grade) The goal of this assignment is for you to enhance your awareness and understanding of the impact culture and human behavior influenced your personal and professional development.  Utilizing conceptual frameworks that guide the process of assessment, intervention, and evaluation, write a five – six (5-6) page double-spaced paper that explores the culture of your family of origin or cultures which with you that identify. Students are to study and cite relevant literature related to their identified culture(s), ethnicity (ies), and development. Ethnographic research techniques are also to be used (the study of artifacts, documents, photo albums, observations, and interviews). APA style required in this paper with at least three (3) references. 1. Describe yourself as a bio-psycho-socio-cultural-spiritual being.  State how the overall combination of these characteristics influenced the opportunities and barriers that you have experienced so far in your life.  Include in your discussion how the culture constructed and maintained.  For example, you may choose to explore migration patterns, family organization, child-rearing practices religious beliefs, secrets, rituals, attitudes towards illness and death, attitudes towards other cultures and deviance, family and gender roles.  (20pts) 3. Discuss membership of the dominant culture or non-dominate culture you identified.  (20pts) 4. Discuss how your cultural identity influence your values as a social worker? If more than one culture comprises the culture of origin, ways that these difference are negotiated.  (20 pts.) 5. Diversity, discrimination, and oppression affect everyone, whether they are part of the dominant group or a subordinated group.  Describe the impact of diversity, discrimination, and oppression on your development and worldview (personal and professional). (20pts) 6. Cite at least four references that relate to your cultural experience (10 pts.) 7. Writing- APA format with referencing and use of correct grammar throughout the paper (10pts).

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