cultural diversity


Apply critical-thinking skills to answer the following questions in a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper, based on this week’s readings. Answer each question in the order they are written. Do not exceed word count; must meet minimum word count.

·        What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Identify and briefly explain the dimensions by referencing the text.

·        With what ethnic, cultural, or other groups do you identify? Describe what members of your social circle have in common.

·        What is the difference between diversity and inclusion?

·        What is the importance of workplace diversity training?

·        What is your experience with workplace culture? Could there be, or could there have been, more inclusion?

ALL assignments must include references and in text citations. Use the Reference and Citation Generator for help on APA reference and citation format. 

Include a minimum of two scholarly articles as references

ALL assignments must include a title page and reference page. Format your paper according to 300 course-level APA guidelines which includes headings. Use the Center for Writing Excellence, Tutorials and Guides, Writing Style Guidelines (APA) for assistance.

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