Current Political Issues in United States Analysis


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Current Political Issues in United States Analysis

So, if you watch the news, like myself, then you would know that Joe Biden had an interview with The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne the God. The interview was going well. I am not usually a fan of Charlamagne’s style of interviews but I though in this particular interview he gave Joe Biden the best chance to paint himself in a very positive light while at the same time asking some very important questions. Biden was doing fine until he jokingly said “you ain’t Black” in reference to voting for Trump over him. So, of course, this sparked outrage; some of it sincere, some of it pretend but that is not for me to decide. Joe Biden did “kinda” apologize later on that very same day but, of course, Republicans pounced on this (even selling shirts) and some of the progressives who already hated Biden still hate him. I am not going to ask you if Biden’s comments were out of bounds, because they clearly were but I want to talk about what this means for the Democratic Party.. Watch the following videos and then answer the following questions.

-Do you think that Biden has an obligation now to pick a Black woman as a running mate or do you think his team should make their decision once the dust settles on these comments?

-Do you think that Biden will lose voters as a result of these comments or do you think that the people who already hate him, still hate him and the people who like him still like him?

-It has been said several times that the democrats often take the Black and Brown vote for granted. Are Biden’s comments a reflection of this?

-In the past, Donald Trump has condemned Jewish people who do not vote for him since he supports Israel. Should politicians just expect people of particular ethnic origins to support them?


So last week, Donald Trump DEMANDED that state governors reopen churches and other places of worship and then this past Sunday, he spent the sabbath at the church on the green playing golf. I swear, you can’t make this stuff up; hahahaha! So, as a class we have to talked about the Tenth Amendment so we know Trump has no authority over governors but, in his mild defense, I will say that there are a lot of churches that provide essential services like feeding the homeless and provide protection to abuse victims; do the services themselves, need to be open to do this? I have the following questions:

-Do you go to church or any other place of worship and if so how are you going about worshipping in the era of COVID-19?

-Do you think church is an essential business? Make no mistake, the operative word is BUSINESS and Church is a business! Is it essential though?

-Is Trump right when he says if liquor stores and abortion clinics are deemed essential then show should churches? I will note (as most of you probably already know) That a lot of the Liquor stores here in Los Angeles sell so much more than liquor)

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