Database Security and biometrics


The topic for this paper will be multi-faceted. It will discuss database 
security including threats and risks. This is a large and very vague topic 
so we will delve a little deeper with some of the technological advances 
that face Database administrators today. With the advancement of biometrics 
we will discuss the security concerns of storing biometrics as well as how 
biometrics are used in database management systems. This should be a very 
interesting and valuable tool in the realm of databases today. Security is a 
major concern across all aspects of information technology and is especially 
applicable to databases. As the world moves forward with security concerns 
in the information technology battlefield biometrics has become a big weapon 
for securing data. How do we secure the weapon that is doing the securing. 
This paper will discuss these concerns. 
Must be 2000 words and 7 resources

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