Describe the brand “Hello kitty”and its attributes and (where relevant) the brand and attributes of its supplier


Describe the brand “Hello kitty”and its attributes and (where relevant) the brand and attributes of its supplier Analyse its performance in the last five years, absolutely and relative to its main competitors, including where possible brand valuation and ratings tables, market share statistics and any other evidence Explain its performance using relevant branding theories, models and concepts (e.g. the evolution and management of brands, determinants of customer perceptions of and behaviour towards brands), drawing upon theoretical and empirical academic studies AND upon market research studies where appropriate Analyse the opportunities and challenges facing the brand and what brand management should do to optimise the brand’s performance in the futureDocument Preview:

“Hello kitty” Brand strategy 1) Length – 1500 words is very tight, and I have already indicated that I am happy with up to 20% more. Some of you have suggested that this may still not be enough, and my response to this is that provided you delimit/specialise enough, and word your assignment very tightly, I will not penalise. However, words that do not add to the argument as defined by your structure will be penalised, so do try to keep it well structured and tight.2) Literature – you must refer to the academic journal literature, either in discussing the brand strategy of the company or consumer behaviour, or how you are assessing brand strength, or some combination of these. This is unlikely to be about your exact brand, more likely about the sector or even brands in general.3) Try to focus. Do not cover all aspects of your brand, but one or two, and one or two aspects of how it is managed. The best assignment plans that I have seen are the ones that do this. Make sure you tell me in your introduction exactly how you are delimiting your assignment, and show me at the beginning that you understand the overall picture, and then tell me which particular aspects form the focus of your assignment. 4) The style is between an essay and a report, but please do use headings to identify elements in your structure.

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