Development of literacy narrative (anecdote)


Literacy is the development of literacy and, the ability of communication between people. I have been suffered from literacy two times of my life. First, when I was a child I suffered from the Arabic language, how can I communicate with people in Arabic. I have been extremely lucky in having a chance to learn from several fantastic sponsors. The first sponsor is my parents. My parents are the most positive literacy sponsor in my life. My parents are considered the first teacher in my life. When I had homework, they always helped me and supported me to become a better student. Further, my parents always encouraged me to become better at writing and read more by buying me a lot of books. For example, when I went to my bed my parents read a story for me. That helped me and encouraged me to be a good student who read and write a lot in a short time. Also, I will never forget my teachers who made a big effort with me throughout my education. For example, they made a competition between my classmates to enhance our education in a good way, and they always gave us a present. Second, when I was 21 years I moved to the United States, and I started to learn the English language. It is a new period in my life a new language and education. First, I was scared of how can I get better and how can I improve my English language. With the time a get better and better in English. I practice every day, when I hear a new word, I write it in my notebook. I watched movies every day and repeated. The first station was the UCF English language institution (ELI), this was my new challenge. In addition, I did do my placement test and my grade was level one. The teacher at ELI taught in a really good way. For example, they gave a lot of homework and gave good feedback that helped me to improve myself.

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