difference between male and female terrorism


So, when it comes to the difference between male and female terrorism there is a difference and, the woman’s role is to help and support their husbands, raise their children. Women have also gone as far as marrying someone as an alliance stand point to unit different tribe that have the same beliefs and values. These are like big picture out looks as to what role women hold in a terrorist organization. 

“On a smaller scale, women have taken on operational roles in the planning and executions of attacks, including a suicide bombers. As the principal focus in understanding (global) jihadism is often on perpetrators and leaders – positions in which women are underrepresented in Jihadist movements – women’s facilitative and supportive contributions are often poorly understood and Leede, S. (Sep 2018).

There has been reports that have showed that between 145-300 women from all over Europe who have left their countries to go join up with the self-style Islamic State, (IS) the roles that these women play in the (IS) is wives and mothers there are some cases where these women have played roles as educators or administrative people all the way up to medical support.  So, women do play a different role but they can also play somewhat of the same role like with suicide bombers. Mostly the women play the role of mother and wife to the men and children teaching them the ways of that life style. 

Speaking freely, I don’t think that the US counterterrorism unit should differ between gender to me it doesn’t matter what race, color, sex, religion you are if you’re out there trying to hurt people because you don’t like them or they don’t agree with your religion beliefs and you think they need to die for that because they aren’t pure of heart or whatever you want to call it. That doesn’t give you the right to strap a bomb vest on yourself and go blow up a whole crowed of people and whether you male or female if you are caught in these types of acts I think you should get the same type of punishment across the board. To me it should be a set standard of punishment if your caught and you are guilty then yeah you pay the price. I mean did you give all those innocent people the same respect so why should we. I try to look at it as a big picture. 

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de Leede, S. (Sep 2018). Women in Jihad: A Historical Perspective. Retrieved from

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