Discuss at least two problems that were brought by colonialism and suggest solutions


Discuss at least two problems that were brought by colonialism and suggest solutions

Instructions: Research-based essay The assignment should be about 500 words long. Find at least five academically valid sources and include a reference list. At least one source must be from a printed book or journal. Website sources are allowed as a main source only if they are authored articles from journals or books from nationally/internationally recognised institutions (This means you may not use websites such as Wikipedia.) Articles from newspapers, magazines or civic organisations may not be used as a reliable source of scientific information. Website articles written by unidentified individuals or authors may not be used. Ask yourself the following questions: Does my thesis statement explain what I am comparing and contrasting? Does my thesis statement make a point about comparison? Does my essay have a point-by-point or topic-by-topic pattern? Does my essay focus on similarities or on differences? Do all of my supporting examples clearly relate to the leaders and countries that I am comparing and contrasting? The writing process: Your essay should demonstrate the conventions you have learned from the module about essay structure and layout. This includes forming a thesis statement, clarity of message, taking a clear position and stance, using the appropriate words for the type of essay; cohesion and logical organisation of information, proper paragraphing, correct sentence structure and referencing. Question: The conquest of the land was supportive of the entire colonial project, concentrated on the extraction of cheap African labour, the destruction of the political autonomy of African communities and the deliberate disruption of African modes of being. Land is not the only asset that was lost through colonial occupation. Cattle, farming implements, labour and human potential were taken away. African societies were broken up, their cultures ravaged and their identities erased. The legal formulations of “restitution” or “redistribution” are too narrow to capture the scope of the project of restoration. A forward-looking reparative project is urgent. Adapted: Ngcukaitobi, T. (2018) Land could right so many wrongs, accessed on 13 July 2018 Based on the lawyer’s arguments above, colonialism had an impact on land ownership (in SA). However, colonialism affected different aspects of human life. Discuss at least two problems that were brought by colonialism and suggest possible solutions for those problems. Use an example of any country/nation of your choice. N.B This is an argumentative essay.

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