Discussion: The Role of Perception in the Communication Process


Discussion: The Role of Perception in the Communication Process Please use proper Netiquette. 1. Read the following scenario. Bart overslept and is rushing to work. Traffic seems worse than usual. Most drivers give the impression of being indifferent to Bart’s situation. Some drivers cut him off, and others dart in front of him. He needs to change lanes to exit the highway, but drivers appear to be refusing to let him move over despite his use of a turn signal for well over half a mile. Some drivers even seem to be speeding up to prevent his changing lanes. Finally, one driver slows to allow him into her lane. Just as Bart starts to move over, the driver right in front him brakes then steals the open spot. Unable to move over, and with his exit coming up, Bart becomes desperate. He turns the 4-way flashers on and lays on the horn. He makes angry eye contact with the driver to his right and then begins moving in that direction. The other driver slowed enough for Bart to enter the lane. Bart waived thank you to the driver just before exiting the highway. 2. From the scenario, (a) identify elements of the Perception Process and (b) explain how each element may have influenced Bart’s perceptions and the perceptions of other drivers. Use the following format when responding: Elements of the Perception Process include: Explanation of influence on Bart’s and other drivers’ perceptions: This is a short discussion from the scenario.

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