Does Supply and Demand Have an Impact on The Trafficking of Human Beings HW


Does Supply and Demand Have an Impact on The Trafficking of Human Beings HW

Question Description

Choose an essay title from one of the following questions. At post-graduate level you are expected to demonstrate analytic capability and to construct a fluent and logical argument. Your work should evidence extensive reading and research and be fully and accurately referenced. Full marking criteria are as below: 

1. Does ‘supply and demand’ have an impact on the trafficking of human beings?

2. Have developments in International Law influenced the response to human trafficking at the national and/or international level?

3. Can the victims of human trafficking be effectively protected?

4. Is a partnership approach the most effective way to fight human trafficking?

5. Do prevention strategies and awareness raising campaigns work to combat trafficking in human beings?

6. Do governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental agencies and civil society need to respond differently to combat child trafficking and protect children?

7. Is there a business model for human trafficking?

8. Is it possible to combat human trafficking?


  • ·  Please choose one topic from the above ,  anything that can make you do your best ! and once bid placed send me what you have chosen so I can start reading to be aware of the topic .
  • ·  You have to mention the related conventions to the matter and what academics had said on the matter and at least one to two legal cases  . As usual arguments supported with academics  .

  • · How to organize the essay :
  • ·  Introduction: Address the question – don’t waffle. Explain the structure of the essay – how you are going to answer the question and what your position will be.
  • ·  Description: The bulk of your essay – largely narrative with references to back up the facts. Have some analysis.
  • ·  Analysis: Where you are likely to pick up most of the marks. We are more interested in the way you use the description to back up your argument./ Conventions /academics
  • ·  Counter Arguments :
  • ·  My position and why ?? supported by academics
  • ·  Conclusion.:A clear summary of your arguments and a restating of your case.

  •  It’s a 4000 thousand only only , with minimum 25-30 references .
  • ·0% Plagiarism
  •  Harvard refrencing style . please when you write the in text citation do it as ( the author ,year :page number ).please please do this .
  •  Alphabet list of reference.
  • · Don’t forget my Position is very important with supported arguments from academics .
  • ·  ·  Any clarification please ask me before you start.

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