Erie Community College Legal Philosophy Questions DiscussionCourse


Erie Community College Legal Philosophy Questions DiscussionCourse

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For this assignment we will be studying Legal Philosophy by investigating a character all but lost to the footnotes of history. This individual was Dietrich Bonhoeffer and he was a Lutheran Pastor in Germany during World War 2.

You may use wikipedia and other Internet sources to learn about him, as he is not in your book. The legal philosophies, also known as jurisprudence that you will be asked to discuss are in the chapter Legal Environment chapter under “Schools of Legal Thought”. Then answer the following questions.

1. What makes his life memorable?

2. Per your reading of Legal Environment, on the subject of Jurisprudence what legal philosophy governed his actions?

3. Is he a Hero? Why or why not?

4. Per your reading of the Legal Environment Chapter, which legal philosophy do you view the world through?

5. Why do you view the world that way?

6. Is there anyone who is alive today that you would consider a hero?

7. What is their most negative attribute or story?