Estate Planning


Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Identify the issues and concerns of a client family in the early stages of creating an estate plan. Using the general guidelines in the attachment. Write a memo to your supervisor describing the client family’s current situation and how to best begin to meet their needs and goals for an estate plan. Write your memo in a Word document. I must be 1,000 words and in current APA format. Scholarly, legal, or biblical sources are integrated into the analysis and appropriately cited. To organize your memo, start with a general description of your client family. Then, use the Estate Plan Checklist (attachment) as an outline. Address each question/category. Without more detailed information and the actual plan, you will not be able to answer all of the questions but you must identify facts and issues with this family that will impact and guide the ultimate creation of the plan for each category. After Reading the requirements please add CFA to your reply!

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