ethical implications


Assignment 4: Workplace Ethics


This assignment will give you the opportunity to choose a case study, and then write about the ethical implications and the impact of the events that are described. Each case study includes a set of questions that you should answer.  

Content is the most important, not page count.  But about two pages.  Some important things in assignment 4 are: 

1.   Choose ONE case…either case 1.1 OR case 6.3.  No other cases permitted…just case 1.1 OR case 6.3.   

Case 1.1  (Made in the U.S.A. — Dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq…) *Attached*

Case 6.3  (Sniffing Glue Could Snuff Profits) *Attached*

2.    Answer the following FOUR questions below.  Provide supporting evidence to each answer.

A.    What ideals, effects, and consequences are at stake? 
B.    Have any moral rights been violated? 
C.   What would a Utilitarian recommend? 
D.   What would a Kantian recommend?

3.  Essay format: Introductory paragraph with thesis statement, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph. Write the entire paper using your own words.

4.  Include at least TWO references.

5.  Run through Grammarly and correct all grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling errors.

6.  Manually proofread your paper and correct all grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling errors.

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