feminine and feminist-inspired discourses


Today, both feminine and feminist-inspired discourses can be discerned in popular mainstream media, some readily apparent and others less so. The feminist movement’s influence on the public consciousness, along with the loosening up of gender categories, has influenced much of contemporary representation. But, some critics also caution that there are a number of competing, and sometimes contradictory, voices in media texts. When this occurs, feminism’s influence on representation may be most evident in the form of superficial changes or co-optations of real changes that feminists have sought. For example, cosmetics are promoted as “revolutionary” or as something one uses to assert one’s “womanhood” when they have little or no real influence on female empowerment.

For this assignment, you are to analyze a popular media text or set of texts, which may include film, television, a magazine or magazine ads, or the music of one or more recording artists. Write a preparing proposal first.

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