Governmental Budgeting


Governmental Budgeting

The MPA is a graduate level degree and requires a research component for successful completion of the course. This research requirement is detailed in the syllabus and will be introduced in the first module. The research requirement will be submitted during the last learning module and is a requirement for successful completion of the course. Each student will prepare a 12 to 20-page research paper formulated around the subject of one of the listed topics. Each student will research and write a paper that is due in its entirety in the final module for this course. RESEARCH TOPICS: Public Finance Fundamentals The Public Budgeting Structure Federal Budget Structures State and Local Budget Policy Budget Methods and Practices Governmental Budgeting Governmental Finance Capital Budgeting Other topics approved by Faculty Mentor At a minimum, the paper should follow the following format. This is only a guide. The student is encouraged to be creative with the research project. The format for the research project will adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition. RESEARCH PAPER FORMAT Title Page Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Literature Review Discussion of the topic’s use in today’s public administration environment Conclusion Reference List In formulating the analysis, the student will be required to do some outside research to support the history, importance, criticism, and analysis. It is expected that the reference section will contain with no fewer than ten (10) sources that must be utilized throughout the body of the paper (at least 10 in-text citations). The sources must be obtained from textbooks, articles, books, etc. which may be obtained from HU Library. General web references, such as commercial sites and Wikipedia are not acceptable. Any paper which is not properly formatted, referenced, or does not comply with APA guidelines will not be accepted by the instructor.

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