Objective: You will submit a coherent, lucid essay, combining the elements from prior weeks.
Week #5 contains the following assignment:

  • · Week 5: The Final Draft

You will also need the following materials to prepare for this assignment:

  • · Computer
  • · Word processing program

These materials are crucial to successfully completing this assignment.
Part of this week’s assignment is to construct the essay while embracing the following behaviors:

  • · Skills in writing and APA format
  • · Skills in proofreading, revising, and editing

This assignment will have you write and proofread, revise, and edit for the final draft of the essay.
Your objective is to produce a finished essay, proofread, and APA-formatted essay using the final draft produced during Week 4.
Step 1.  Ensure the final draft, from Week 4, appears in the APA essay template.  The template is available from the Writing Center:
Step 2. Verify the final draft is fully developed by using the checklist at  Congratulations!  You now have nearly finished your essay!

Step 3.  Before submitting for grading, you must submit the nearly finished essay to the Writing Center—for review and feedback.  Visit the Writing Center and submit the nearly finished essay for review.  Also, take a screenshot showing you submitting the nearly finished essay to the Writing Center.

Step 4.  Make a new page at the end of the nearly finished essay.  Paste the screenshot (from Step 3) into the new page you just made.  (If you do not know how to make a new page, then review to learn how to make new pages in Microsoft Word.)  You now have a finished essay!

Further, APA formatting requires the nearly finished essay draft be double-spaced and the first sentence of each paragraph utilizes a half-inch indent.  You may learn about indentation in Microsoft Word at  Moreover, you may learn about double-spacing in Microsoft Word at

Body paragraphs must cite and reference all sources.  The overall word count (excluding title pages and references) should be between 600-750 words.  You may review to learn how to count words in Microsoft Word. 

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