Herzing University Online Length of Stay Research PaperSchool


Herzing University Online Length of Stay Research PaperSchool

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Length of stay (LOS) is a data set that is calculated on a daily basis for the patient demographics in order for the facility to understand the capacity and ability to accept new inpatient cases. Depending on the job title, many different healthcare professionals view the data associated with LOS differently.

Evaluation Title: Length of Stay Presentation

Explain in three to five sentences the relevance of LOS to a healthcare manager in a hospital setting.

  • Create a bullet point presentation for the board which includes administrators, physicians, other care providers and the stakeholders of the facility. Include in the presentation:
  1. The data points that need to be collected in order to calculate LOS.
  2. An explanation of why each data point is vital to the overall statistical result.
  3. A mock dataset of patient data to show the board how LOS is calculated (to ensure full explanation of ideas).
  • Utilize at least two outside resources to support your assignment submission.