How has nursing evolved since you graduated from your original nursing program?


How has nursing evolved since you graduated from your original nursing program?

-I graduated nursing school 2017, currently working as a registered nurse little over a year, so i cannot stay nursing has evolved much since 2017 because at least I’m fortunate enough to be apart of the era where you no longer have to provide care and then still make time to sit chart on paper, everything is done on a computer which makes things faster.

Is nursing today what you expected when you enter nursing education?

– no because when in nursing school based on everything you learn, you believe things will be more smooth in the hospital.everything is by the book until i start working at the hospital, i realize you have to some what put the book knowledge down, yes you use what you learn in nursing school to know what to assess for in a patient but you also have to go by the hospital you work at policies.

Examples of nursing school vs real world nursing for me:::

1. in nursing school, we learn about delegating to your cna or lpn, and my job, sometimes we don’t have cna’ s available so everything is on us to do. and my work place do not hire lpn’s . sometimes even if you have a cna they are as much busy as you, or you find some that pretend to be busy because they feel like you the nurse gets more pay so you should do the job.

2. Physicians. In nursing school you learn every time a patient refuse a medication, you have to call the doctor, as a night shift nurse, in the real nursing world, you dear not wake a doctor up to tell them the patient refuse a medication unless its a critical life or death situation. Another is in nursing nursing you learn doctors are the ones to obtain a consent, in my facility the nurses are the ones to do so.

3. The level of stress. In nursing school we stress about passing a test and keeping up with due dates. In real nurse world we stress harder because now we have real lives in our hands depending on us to save them. You stress to make sure you answer all call lights promptly to avoid a fall, calling doctors for the right orders, assessing all your patients to provide the right care. Making sure everyone is alive and well during your shift, making sure you don’t make a mistake that can land you before the board of nursing or land you in jail. At least in nursing school during clinicals, the responsibility is on your clinical instructor or preceptor, in real world it is all on you the nurse.

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