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The best possible person a human resource professional can hire is the best person who applies for the job.

  1. If ability and intelligence are normally distributed, more people applying for a job increases the chances of an excellent person in the applicant pool.

Question: How can HR employees increase the amount of qualified and potentially excellent candidates to apply for a job while avoiding having to sift through those less-excellent applications? 

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The amount of qualified applicants will increase if recruiting is done using the targeted skill scope.  This requires that HR come up with specific skills, education, and characteristics that they are looking for in the applicant.  The more specific the requirements, the smaller the scope of applicants that will qualify.  This type of recruiting is best when you want to get highly qualified candidates, and less applications to go through.  Differentiation strategy is achieved by using the targeted skill scope because HR is able to pinpoint specific individuals with specific skill-sets.  The uniqueness of the individuals they are able to hire provides the company with a competitive edge.

Internally targeted candidates may also make excellent applicants for open positions.  Internal sourcing can be successful because the candidates are already aware of company policies and procedures.  They have experience with the company, and they may be extremely qualified to be hired for the open position.  Internally targeted candidates also provide a smaller applicant pool, rather than reaching outside of the company.

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