Individual review on Telstra Corporation Limited Operating Segment


Individual review on Telstra Corporation Limited Operating Segment

Review the operating segments disclosure provided in Telstra 2016 annual financial report, critically analysing and evaluating in detail the level of compliance that your selected company has achieved in regard to all of the relevant AASB requirements on operating segments. You may not assume that compliance occurs simply because there is not a qualified audit report, and you will need to specifically conclude on an overall level of compliance achieved, explaining why any apparent non‐compliance has been allowed by the auditors. There should be a minimum of four (4) external references, comprising at least two (2) professional accounting sources and two (2) academic journals (that is, AASB’s, Financial Statements, lecture notes or course textbooks do not count) used to support your critical evaluation (NB do not use these references to prove factual statements that can be derived from the relevant AASB’s). An appendix, which will not count towards your word count, can be utilised to undertake this compliance exercise, with key compliance issues for your chosen company being specifically addressed/highlighted within the body of your individual report. the appendix is done and attached in the Telstra document.

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