Investment Management


Investment Management

Developing an Investment philosophy An investment philosophy is a coherent way of thinking about how markets work (or sometimes do not work) and the types of mistakes that consistently underlie investor behavior. In your effort to attract investors for the development of your investment fund, you should write a report describing your investment philosophy and how you plan to put it into practice. A few points that should be included are:  What is your investment philosophy and how is it related to your view of how markets work?  How do you propose to convert this investment philosophy into an investment strategy/ strategies?  Are there any specific constraints regarding your strategy? (For example, are there certain types of investors you would recommend investing in fund and certain types of investors you would advise against investing? Is there a minimum size for your fund to be viable, or a maximum size beyond which your fund will no longer be viable?)  Is there any evidence from the existing literature that you can refer to that would suggest that your investment strategy would work? What hypothetical profit/ loss has the back testing of this strategy delivered?  How would you propose that you should be evaluated? In particular, how often and on what benchmark? Additional guidelines will be provided by the instructor during the tutorial.

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