law enforcement intelligence


What is the benefit of accurate report writing in law enforcement intelligence operations insofar as having an influence in operational decisions.

Having accurate information that you can rely on to make operational decisions can drastically increase productivity and effectiveness.  Accurate report writing can help create criminal statistically data, which could help create a potential target list.  With those potential targets they can narrow it down to a certain group of individuals that fit the description. The accuracy portion can literally be what makes or breaks the case. In the case of police officers, detectives, and crime scene investigators, a poorly worded or badly organized report can mean the difference between a criminal being brought to justice or going free (Roufa, 2019, paragraph 6). If you get bad information or don’t write an accurate report and it gets passed along and used on the operational side. Peoples lives could be at risk. Especially with individuals that are undercover and working with dangerous folks. 

2.  What intelligence value is gained by a police department that provides street officers with training in collecting and documenting information they receive on the streets while working their assigned sectors or beats?

When you have street officers that are trained in collecting and documenting information they receive, it allows analysts to review the information that is brought and turn it into intelligence. These officers that work assigned sectors are the subject matter experts on what goes on in them. They know exactly when something is out of the ordinary and the information they are brining in is going to be pretty accurate data. Once the analyst puts together their reports they can push these out to other law enforcement agencies to help with tactical operations. 

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