(Answered) Leadership Skills Inventory and Reflection Questions – Part 1


(Answered) Leadership Skills Inventory and Reflection Questions – Part 1

Take the Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire on pages 14–16 in your Northouse textbook. After you have completed the Questionnaire, answer the three Reflection Questions on page 18 of your Northouse text (Chapter 1): 1. Each of us has our own unique way of thinking about leadership. What leaders or people have influenced you in your thinking about leadership? Discuss what leadership means to you and give your definition of leadership.

2. What do the scores you received on the Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire suggest about your perspective on leadership? Of the six dimensions on the questionnaire (trait, ability, skill, behavior, relationship, and process), which one is the most similar to your own perspective? Which is least like your own perspective?

3. Do you think leadership is something everyone can learn to do, or do you think it is a natural ability reserved for a few? Explain your answer. My scores were the following for Trait emphasis = 7 Ability emphasis = 19 Skill emphasis = 20 Behavior emphasis = 19 Relationship emphasis = 19 Process emphasis = 19 please use APA format to answer question and I also attached the rubric use at least to literature references.

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