Log data analysis for system security and stability


Paper Format: Harvard

Subject: Information Technology

I need a bachelor thesis for a German College graduate. Can you please send me a price quote and confirm if you have a writer who can properly write on the topic?

It must have 15 thousand words independent on the number of the pages. The cheapest the better, and considering that some of the extra services may be charged per page we could have it as compact as possible to reduce the final cost for me.

The topic is log data analysis for system security and stability. The idea is to discuss the possibilities and how to process logs of structured and unstructured data to extract out of this data a detailed overview of the errors source and show possible implications in the systems. Which data must be collected? How should this data be processed? How it should be saved? How will the analysis work?

I need 60 sources and at least 15 of them should be recent – less than 2 years. 15 should be in scientific journals. The citations are not included in the word count, correct?

In Germany we are truly strict on plagiarism so I need it checked.

Regarding the deadline, I still need to have the thesis reviewed and rewritten in German so can you let me know the lowest price with the earliest time?

Also, can you include in the price quote a thesis proposal to be submitted as soon as possible? It must include:

1 Problem 
1.1 Initial situation 
1.2 Problem description 
1.3 Relevance of the topic 
2 Objective 
2.1 Goal of the work 
2.2 Delimitation 
2.3 Concrete questions 
3 State of research 
3.1 Theoretical Background 
3.2 State of research 
4 Methodology and procedure 
5 Context 
6 Draft structure 
7 Source situation 
7.1 General sources 
7.2 Concrete sources 
8 Time and task planning (shall be finalized within 2 months) 
9 Additional information (optional) 
9.1 Dependence on external influences

Not all points are necessary or relevant, but it should be around 10-15 pages

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