Marketing Strategy Report


Guidelines for Sales/Marketing Strategy Report Your business report should be about ten pages long. Use Times Roman 11 font, 1.5 spacing, and number all the pages of your report – except the cover page. Below are some guidelines for your report but these should not prevent you from taking a creative approach in your report. However, you should prepare a report that you’d be proud to give to a future manager at a company where you will work. Topic (Title): Sales/Marketing Strategy for (insert name of product, brand, company, or industry for which you’re suggesting strategy). Author: Your first and last names Executive Summary: Abstract (brief summary) of your report in about 150 words or less Approach: What approach are you going to take in discussing your topic? For example, focus on the next ten years, and the use of social media to attract and retain new customers. Who is the customer target market for your strategy? (demographics and psychographics) Consider providing a clearly legible Table, Figure, or Photo (with detailed source information underneath). Be sure to discuss the importance of the table, figure, or photo in your report or why use it? How Can Social Media Be Used in the Selling Process? Consider including examples or illustrations of how social media can be used and, if appropriate, is currently being used effectively or ineffectively by “real world” companies. Assumptions/Advantages/Disadvantages in Using Your Strategy: Table or Figure could be used here to summarize this information. Make sure the table, figure, or graph is legible to readers and provides the detailed source so readers can judge the credibility of the information, and allow them to go to the original source for additional information if they desire. What should your company do to start implementing your proposed strategy? Recommend specific steps for your company or industry to take now or in the future to profitably market to the target customers. Format for listing References at end of report and Citations within the body of the report: Make sure your references are appropriately presented in your business report by reviewing how they’re done in the journal articles you’ve read this term, or any textbook, or professional business report. Proper formats are shown briefly in the examples below: Article in References: Johnson, Peter E. and Debra Simpson (2015), “Customer Loyalty in Multinational Markets: A PLS Path Modeling Approach,” Journal of Awesome Marketing, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 123-143. Online Article in References: Largent, Samuel and Betty Johnson (April 13, 2015), “Twelve Tips for Building Customer Loyalty,” Citations (within the body of your report): (Largent, 2015) References (at the end of your report) should all be included also as citations within the body of your report.

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