Module 4 Assignment – Outlining/Drafting an Analysis Essay


Module 4 Assignment – Outlining/Drafting an Analysis Essay

STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1) Demonstrate that you understand the basic elements of a good, well-written analysis essay. 2) Use drafting techniques effectively in developing an analysis essay. STEP 1: Read the following preparatory material before completing this assignment – 1) Creating an Analysis Essay: The Key Elements 2) Transition Words: What are Transitions and how are they used (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. STEP 2: Select one of the following topics to write your essay about. You’re only writing one essay, so select the type of essay you want to write (informative, directive or division) and then select one of the topics listed under it: REMEMBER: This is a personal essay, so you should have personal experience with the topic you choose! Informative Process analysis (explain how something works or occurs) How to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend How to heal after the loss of a loved one How to be a supportive parent How to deal with experiencing racism Directive Process Analysis (explain how to do something) How to prepare for some type of event (natural disaster, family celebration, etc.) How to make an effective complaint How to go broke How to get your own way How to sell something that nobody wants Division or Analysis (break a topic down into its individual parts) Different types of TV watchers Different types of people observed in a specific type of waiting room (doctor or dentist office, oil change, job interview, motor vehicles (DMV), emergency room, etc.) Different types of students in a class Different types of coworkers NOTE: You can select a topic not listed above, but it must be approved by the instructor first. STEP 3: In a separate Word document, create a detailed outline of your analysis essay. Use the information found in the document titled Creating an Analysis Essay: The Key Elements to determine what essential elements your essay should contain and where or in what order they should occur in the outline. Also use the sample essays you read, particularly the one that demonstrates the specific type of analysis essay you are writing, to help formulate your outline. You have had experience creating two other detailed outlines with your narrative and compare/contrast essays, so now it’s your turn to develop one from scratch. Your name, course title/number, and the date should be in the upper left-hand corner of the Word document. NOTE: This submission should only include your outline, not your final essay!

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