museum project


Museum day: At some point this quarter, you are asked to visit one of the museums on this list, and spend at least 90 minutes in the museum. You will be asked to write a response relating your experience to the topics of cultural diversity, biology, health, and/or medicine. You may go at any time, at your convenience. I encourage students to travel together, so please coordinate amongst yourselves using this link: I will not be checking this spreadsheet, it’s just there to help you coordinate travel with each other, such as splitting an Uber or carpooling. You will get more information about the assignment during Week 3. The reflection should be 1-2 pages. List of museums: • Fowler Museum at UCLA • Natural History Museum • Griffith Observatory • California Science Center • La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum • Pacific Food & Beverage Museum • Los Angeles Zoo • Aquarium of the Pacific • Another museum or exhibition that you believe has relevance to the content of this course

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