NR 660 Week 5: Resolution of Problem/Concern


NR 660 Week 5: Resolution of Problem/Concern


The purpose of this assignment is to

  • Provide learners with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program
  • Provide learners with the opportunity to communicate a scholarly project in a professional manner

Due Date

Submit by 11:59 pm MT Sunday of Week 5.

Total Points Possible: 150


Present the resolution to your problem/concern; include the evidence relevant to your problem/concern and the expected outcomes. If you are unable to implement to project, state the reason and show anticipated outcomes. If appropriate, add tables and figures that visually illustrate the resolution and provide clarity. Write a resolution of Problem/concern that demonstrates:

  • Evidence-based solution to the identified problem/concern; anticipated or actual outcomes to the implementation of the project
  • Identification and inclusion of a change theory
  • Comprehensive and measurable plan
  • Utilization of new modalities of scholarship (i.e. innovative teaching methods, simulation, etc.)
  • Integration of knowledge from core and track program courses

Preparing the Paper

  • Page length: 5 – 7 pages, excluding reference and title pages
  • Correct reference citation format
  • Reference page

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