Open Source information


Open Source information is a vital capability to gather data in efforts to forecast potential threats and/or events occurring across the globe. The website indicate that open source provides the information if a government changes is stand toward the United States, an analyst with a thorough understanding of language and familiarity with culture might not only be able to forecast this change, but tell us why.  With the growing technological advances and social media platforms, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering propels law enforcement abilities to obtain information, fact check, and identify MOs.

OSINT examples can be beneficial to law enforcement with investigation of groups or persons of interest and/or identifying homegrown terrorist ideologies to include potential threats thereof. An example OSINT for investigating group and/or persons of interest can contribute to controlling criminal behaviors and activities on rallies, protests and other political events. There can be “peaceful” protest, but unfortunately there are individuals and groups have strong opposing viewpoints which can be a recipe for disaster.  Everyone has the right to their opinion however, law enforcement can leverage OSINT to establish proportional preventative measures to limit social injustices and prevent criminal activities in-accordance with federal, state and local ordinances and laws.

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