Operant conditioning and Modifying a Behavior


Operant conditioning and Modifying a Behavior

– Drawing on personal experience, choose a person whose behavior you want to change. You may select of your own behaviors for this question. How could you use operant conditioning to change the less desirable behavior into the desired behavior?

-In a multi-paragraph essay (min. 4 paragraphs) describe your plans to condition the new behavior. Be sure to mention what type of reinforcer and reinforcement schedule you would use and explain why you made those particular choices. Include information from readings and research on operant conditioning to support your discussion. Make sure to include the sources in the paper.

ESSAY FORMAT – Proper APA citation of article. This includes author/s (last name/s first), date of publication, article title, name of journal, and pages. Four paragraphs: Introduction— discussion on what the disorder is and state your hypothesis (e.g. bipolar disorder has genetic factor); support your hypothesis– using the text and any other scholarly material (at least one reference must be other than the text); identify a fictional character, and provide support using the DSM-5 criteria for your support; provide a treatment plan.

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