Problem caused in Implementation of Activity based costing in an organization


Problem caused in Implementation of Activity based costing in an organization

I have a assignment for you. Because you have worked hard on my last assignment I have chosen this one for you. hope you wont disappoint. please reply me if you wish to do this. it is only 3000 words and the requirements are as follows: Your Minor Assignment (30%) will be a Literature Review for your chosen Research Report. (70%) Once you have chosen your topic or been allocated a topic, you are required to find at least 20 relevant research articles. You may need more. The aim is for you to write a Literature Review (Minor Assignment) using the literature discovered. A Literature Review of the 20 articles (use more if you wish), presents what has been achieved in the past and will inform your research question which will be solved in your Research Report (Major Assignment)(70%) due at the end of Week 12 Note: It is strongly recommended you read Langfield-Smith (1997) and George/Jones/Harvey (2014) for ideas of how to write a scholarly piece reviewing what has happened in the past and what conclusions can be drawn from previous work. Extract from Langfield-Smith (1997) Purpose The objective of this paper is to review and critique research that studies the relationship between MCS and strategy, and to evaluate the state of knowledge in this area. Resolution The purpose of this paper was to review and critique research that examines the relationship between MCS and strategy, and to consider the state of our knowledge in this area. Surprisingly, relatively few empirical research papers have been published, despite strategy being of interest in the academic and professional literature in recent years. Future research Many research opportunities and unresolved questions remain. It is not clear what role MCS can play Extracts from the Langfield-Smith (1997) article are to bring intended strategies to realization, or whether MCS can minimize the disruption caused by strategic change (especially when those changes are spread over a considerable period of time). Research could be undertaken to explore whether the role and composition of MCS change as a company matures. The significance of resource sharing between SBUs for the design of MCS under different strategies could also be examined in more detail, particularly concerning the reliance on either behavior or outcome controls. Analysis of research which examined the use of subjective and objective performance measures under different strategies revealed consistencies, but also raised questions about the forms of performance measures suitable for other employee groups. Empirical research to explore how performance measures and reward systems may be used under particular operational strategies, and to support new manufacturing philosophies is a broad topic for research.

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