Promoting the Need for better Professional Judgment


Promoting the Need for better Professional Judgment

This is the Final Report for my research. Purpose This assignment is the culmination of your semester-long research project. It will build off of your efforts in the annotated bibliography and the literature review and contextualize your ACCY 520 internship paper. Your purpose is to demonstrate how your internship experience does (or does not) correlate to commonly-accepted best practices according to scholarship. Did your firm approach everyday situations or challenges in a way that corresponded to what the research says? Your job is to connect (or show the disconnect between) real world practice and academic research. Audience You can conceptualize the audience as the individuals in your firm responsible for the internship program. Suppose these individuals are seniors or partners in the firm, and have been out of school for some time. They are interested in ensuring that the internship program aligns with the latest academic thinking in the field of Accountancy. Your research project is meant to show them how scholarship corresponds to your experience in the internship. Deliverables This assignment is a combination of your research work for WRIT 250 and the narrative writing you are required to complete for ACCY 520. This paper is the ACCY 520 final internship paper contextualized with scholarship and expanded with analysis and recommendations. Use the literature review and any other research you’ve completed for the semester to align what you are writing about for the ACCY 520 final paper with scholarship. Your goal is to show whether or not your internship experience was grounded in academic best-practices. How exactly these pieces fit together will vary based on individual experience. However, if you’ve followed instructions with preceding assignments, this should be a logical next step. After you align the scholarship with your experience, analyze the discrepancies (or lack thereof). Why did your firm do things differently than the scholarship indicated? Do you think your firm’s approach is effective? Is the academic perspective out of touch? If your internship experience lined up with the scholarship, was your experience positive or negative? Finally, issue recommendations to the firm about ways the internship program could be reformed to make it more reflective of current scholarship in accountancy. There are a number of ways you might approach this paper. It makes the most sense to work on this assignment in parallel with your ACCY 520 internship paper, but remember that they should be two different papers. You cannot just add a references page to your ACCY 520 paper and expect to pass the assignment. Format The final report should be formatted as a formal report with the following following components (minimum) Abstract Introduction Body (divided by subheadings) – Experience aligned to research – Analysis of experience – Recommendations for improvement Conclusion References It should have the following characteristics: Information is accurate, complete, and documented Information is easy to read Terms are clearly defined Words are easy to read (font, arrangement, organization) Report speaks for itself without your clarification or explanation External sources should be cited in the style of your choice (APA, Chicago, etc.), but your style must be consistent. The document should be at least 3 single-spaced pages in length and should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages (unless you include graphs or other figures). Any titles pages or appendices do not count towards the paper’s length.

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