Promoting the Need for better professional judgment


Promoting the Need for better professional judgment

Purpose This assignment is designed to help you practice synthesis and researched argumentation, drawing on the sources you collected during your internship and summarizing for the annotated bibliography. Whereas your work with the annotated bibliography was focused on summarizing and evaluating sources in isolation, the literature review will organize the sources in order to make an argumentative claim about your topic. Your job is to put the research sources into conversation in order to develop broader conclusions about the state of academic accountancy. Audience You can conceptualize the audience as the individuals in your firm responsible for the internship program. Suppose these individuals are seniors or partners in the firm, and have been out of school for some time. They are interested in ensuring that the internship program aligns with the latest academic thinking in the field of Accountancy. Your research project is meant to show them how scholarship corresponds to your experience in the internship. Deliverables This assignment is a continuation of the work you did for assignment #1. You must use at least 5 of the 8 sources you annotated. The sources you choose should be as rigorous as possible. Academic research papers and white papers from public firms are ideal, but documents from industry, such as annual reports, and policy documents like GAAP and INFS may also be appropriate. The topic of the literature review is based on the articles you choose, and the articles you choose are based on your internship experience. Thus, the literature review should more or less correspond to your actual work experience. Consult your annotated bibliography and/or sources to identify patterns in their arguments, disagreements, and gaps/flaws/limitations. You will use this information to complete a planning exercise referred to as a “synthesis matrix” (Week 10’s research journal entry) that you can then use to identify the reasons and evidence you can provide to support your argument. Remember that the literature review should be thesis-driven. It should not simply combine your original annotations into a chain of summaries. Format The literature review should be formatted as a formal report with the following following components (minimum) Abstract Introduction Body (divided by subheadings) Conclusion References It should have the following characteristics: Information is accurate, complete, and documented Information is easy to read Terms are clearly defined Words are easy to read (font, arrangement, organization) Report speaks for itself without your clarification or explanation External sources should be cited in the style of your choice (APA, Chicago, etc.), but your style must be consistent. The document should be at least 3 single-spaced pages in length and should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages (unless you include graphs or other figures). Any titles pages or appendices do not count towards the paper’s length. The final document should be submitted here as a Word .doc or .docx.

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