property crime, violent crime, and white collar crime


For this week we discuss the differences and role pertaining to property crime, violent crime, and white collar crime. White collar crime is a terminology regarding to corporate organization fraud scandals in which several individuals fall victim to the crime committed by business associated criminals. White color crimes are similar to a crime involving theft, identity theft, fraud, robbery, etc. However, the differences between typical crimes for example violent crimes, and property crime varies from the crime committed. Property crime are of course less severe than violent crimes. These crimes range from auto theft, burglary, and arson. Arson is perfect example in which some cases a fire starter might commit arson in order to cheat the system for the purpose of pursuing profitable gain. That said, multiply arson crimes by millions of dollars from corporate organizations which effect large populous and the similarity of such crime are uncanny.

 According to “Intimately related is that many (perhaps most) white collar crime victims are

 unaware of their victimization, and only infrequently report the crimes committed against them to traditional law enforcement agencies (Friedrichs 2010)” (McGurrin, Jarrell, Jahn, & Cochrane, 2013, p. 2). The seriousness of victimizing unaware citizens greatly puts many at risk for continuous fraud against them whether it be identity or profitable gain. 

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