Reflective Journal Entry


Reflective Journal Entry – Am I Listening? [Originality Check]

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Assignment Overview

The journal is a record of reflections about your own experiences, attitudes, opinions, and feelings in relation to the material and within the context of the themes we are examining in the course.  Each entry should explore the content of the week’s topic in relation to your own experience and academic knowledge. The entries are to critically engage with the resources and dialogue provided in the course.

Assignment Instructions

Based on this week’s course material and discussion forum, reflect on the question, “Am I listening?” Think back on your own experience of listening to God (which may be very limited, or quite extensive). How does your experience connect with the readings and discussion activities this week?

Assignment Scope

  • Submission at least 500 words
  • Written in Times New Roman font
  • Written in 12 point font
  • Paper is double-spaced

Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism through Learn “How to Avoid Plagiarism” by following the steps below. Always review the University’s Academic Integrity Policy statement regarding plagiarism.

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