Reflective Research Paper


Reflective Research Paper

The essays should be 6 pages, doubled spaced, numbered pages Writer need to create title MLA format (Internal citations,works cited) Reflective Research paper (paper attached too) Essays have 3 part 1st person voice narrative form I choose James Baldwin In class we read 2 books By James which is #1 The fire Next time #2 Notes of native Son . 1st part discuss why you choose this particular author,talk about the story you really got into by James talk in details,quotes from the story what’s attract you ex: if the writings is mysterious or shocking,make a personal reaction. 2nd part biographical research on James. Biographical research part should be related to the fiction we read and make connections between author biography and fiction. Prof doesn’t want apart of biography that’s saying when he was born and etc that section should relate to fiction we read.look at the attached form about how it should be. Prof recommended the biographical source I’m going to give you link with the access code please ask me if I forgot so you can use it for more info or to do citations I’m also gonna attach the biographical papers. 3rd part if you look in the paper opt 1 will be easy Along with James’ two books prof recommended me ‘Going to meet the man’(collection of stories) will be more useful.

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