(Solved): 4-P’s – Individual Assignment About Your Group Project


(Solved): 4-P’s – Individual Assignment About Your Group Project

Read the textbook chapter on marketing first. Second, look up your team assigned business under TEAMS near the top of Canvas in this class. ( My topic is Exxon Mobil) research what your business is doing in marketing. Individual Assignment/Paper: How does your assigned group business focus on the 4P’s of marketing? (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). For example, does your company compete primarily on price, or does it charge a higher price and compete by delivering value via one of the other P’s? Does it have a superior distribution network and/or method? Do you perceive any weaknesses in the marketing strategy along any of these 4 dimensions? Your memo should briefly discuss your company’s marketing strategy, using ideas and terms learned in the textbook chapter on marketing. Write a one-page paper responding to this. Include APA citations. Please remember to review the course writing expectations. Be ready to discuss this paper in the next class.

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