(Solved): An exploration in a letter to a friend


(Solved): An exploration in a letter to a friend

Write an Exploratory Essay.Write a 500 word essay. Think of something you firmly believe in . You might want to discuss your views on raising children, supporting aging parents , choosing a simpler lifestyle, discovering some important truth about yourself, or some other quality or belief that makes you who you are. (Because religious beliefs are so personal , you may want to select a strongly held opinion that does not involve your religion.) Writing Assignment : In a sentence or two , write something you believe in strongly. Now explore the basis for your belief. Consider what in your background , education, history, family , friendships,upbringing , and work experience has helped you come to the conclusions you have reached about the topic. Why do you believe what you do ? Put your text into the form of a letter to a good friend. put sources inside the text and on the bottom of the page work cited . You can choose whatever theme you most like.

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