(Solved): Becoming a ‘Level 5 Manager’ Self-Development Plan


(Solved): Becoming a ‘Level 5 Manager’ Self-Development Plan

Greetings, below are the instructions for the assignment along with the attachment: you are asked to reflect upon your career goals and strategies to become what Jim Collins calls a Level 5 Manager. The purpose of the Self-Development Plan, which counts for 15% of your course grade, is to: ” reflect upon the degree to which you have acquired a broad and deep understanding of the business disciplines and the interdisciplinary nature of business; ” comment on your abilities/skills/competencies against the specific learning goals of the MBA program; ” develop a self-development plan that describes where you need to improve in order to move up the Level 5 Manager pyramid; ” identify specific steps and timing to initiative these self-development goals; and ” be able to do all of the above in a clear, concise, professional, and interesting way.

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