(Solved): Case Study Scoping Report-Information Systems for Business


(Solved): Case Study Scoping Report-Information Systems for Business

You and your group will provide consulting services to DenimFit by Jeans (one of the clients) as part of a consulting group. You will work with your team to complete the Case Study Scoping Report. The scoping report and specifications will provide your client with an overview of the selected system so they can determine if they want to proceed with implementing such a system in their own business. It will also guide them on the requirements for the new system. The report will also highlight the benefits and issues associated with adopting such a system. Your consulting company has been approached by DenimFits by Jeans for advice on how to tackle these problems (see Case Study Scenario for the details). You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare a scoping report highlighting the issues and a possible e-commerce solution in developing a broad strategy. Your advice needs to be well researched and not based on your own personal views or experiences. For further details and instructions, please see the Group Assignment Instructions, Case Study Scenario and Information System Table of contents. This is a group assignment. I have included my sections in table of contents-i.e. recommendations, implementation, conclusion and reference list. You MUST address all the questions, problems and other points mentioned in the given table of contents (read the Information System Table of Contents for further details).

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