(Solved): Case study two


(Solved): Case study two

Technical writers often get business by showing clients what the value of their services. In order to offer services, though, you must first do your research. For this case study, you are to write a short memo to the organizational author of a handout on blood cholesterol, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the information included in the handout, and essentially telling them what you could edit for them so that their handout is more effective. Be sure to use a respectful and convincing tone throughout the memo. The following pdf file includes a handout about blood cholesterol. It is a handout for the general public to learn from. (Links to an external site.) Write a short, one-page memo in which you do the following: 1. Briefly introduce yourself and your purpose to the client. This client is the public education division of the National Institutes of Health. Tell which handout you are evaluating and how your evaluation might be useful to them. 2. Talk about the language used in the handout. Is it clear and concise? Is there enough or too much explanation of a topic? Are there grammatical or organizational errors in the language? Give at least one specific good or bad example from the handout. 3. Talk about the research and citations. Is the handout informative enough? Does it use a system of citation? Does it tell specifically where information comes from? Give at least one specific good or bad example from the handout. 4. Give your recommendations for revision. Of the things you have discussed, the design, the language, and the research in the handout, which things need fixing? Describe at least two things, giving concrete examples for revision. Save your memo in a Microsoft Word document, and once you have closed this book, cut and paste a copy of your memo at the link “Post Case Study Two.” Your response must be at least 300 words long. Case Studies and Editing Exercises will not be graded until the end of the semester. You will turn in all 6 of these assignments at once during the last week of class. But I encourage you to post at least part of your response to the discussion forum. I will give general feedback to the class about the postings. This feedback should not only help you revise the exercise for the end of the semester, but it will also help you practice your skills for the for the major assignment. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY SHARE IDEAS, BUT YOUR WORK AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER MUST BE YOUR OWN. OUR AUTHENTICITY CHECKING SOFTWARE WILL ENSURE THAT YOUR RESPONSES TO THESE EXERCISES ARE NOT IDENTICAL.

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