(Solved): Challenges and opportunities of P2P lending in China


(Solved): Challenges and opportunities of P2P lending in China

one written report of approximately 15000 words, containing a literature review, methodology, data analysis and recommendations. The issue of how recommendations for change could be implemented given the studies undertaken and will be based on prior experience of the organisation or business sector which has been investigated. Within the recommendations an outline plan detailing the timescales, management interventions and resources that would need to be available to implement the recommendations will be included. There will also be a critical reflection upon the development of skills and competences derived from the experience of undertaking the project. The dissertation should involve a research (i.e. to validate something which were suggested by previous studies, that’s why it is called re-search). Validation involves hypotheses (something suggested by previous studies) and survey (see whether these suggestions work in your target company or industry in another area, such as China). I went through your proposal. It is an interesting topic but there is a need to make sure that meaningful hypotheses can be developed. This is a pre-requisite for a feasible dissertation. In your case, impact of China policies to P2P platform, ways for smaller size P2P platform to operate efficiently are two main research objectives. What I concern is whether the study will turn to be a descriptive one with consolidation of secondary information but lacks the research property. Please clarify what would be the probable hypotheses that you can think of for these two objectives. Are there any literature suggesting the impacts and key factors contributing to an efficient operation, and you have suspicion that lead to a need for validation? I don’t worry too much about the availability of information for these two areas but I wonder if there is any area that you can develop the hypotheses and carry out your research (qualitative or quantitative).

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