(Solved): Clinical and professional Leadership in Health and Social Care


(Solved): Clinical and professional Leadership in Health and Social Care

Use one Leadership Theory to explain how you have successfully used leadership skills and abilities to support patient care in your own workplace. See the information below about selecting a relevant leadership scenario and focus on one specific example. If you choose this option you must focus on your own capacity as a leader. You will need to use one theory of leadership to analyse what you did and why it was effective, and what areas of your practice you would do differently in light of your new learning. You may also refer to relevant related theory to help you with your analysis. You must also include a leadership development plan that explains how you will continue to develop your leadership skills, referring to your chosen leadership theory, related theory and evidenced based research to justify your plans. In each of the options above you need to: – Select and explore a leadership scenario that is relevant for your own practice; – Analyse the scenario using relevant theories of leadership studied in the module; – Discuss the implications for your practice. – Discuss what you could have done to resolve any challenges, problems or dilemmas in the scenario, drawing on relevant theory; – Discuss how you would develop future practice in the light of this experience, drawing on relevant theory to justify your work.

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