(Solved): Complete Skills Gap Analysis


(Solved): Complete Skills Gap Analysis

Complete Skills Gap Analysis Complete your preliminary skills gap analysis by the end of Week 1. Carefully follow the instructions below: Use the attached skills gap analysis file to self-evaluate your course-related knowledge and skills before beginning your work with MCS. Use the Week 1 worksheet to complete this step. From each major category, select a gap you would like to work on reducing during the next 10 weeks to help you achieve your long-term career goals. Decide what activities you will engage in to acquire the knowledge and hone the skills you have identified. Think creatively, and consider all appropriate resources, such as conferences, books, free online classes, mentorship, coaching, observation, professional associations and groups, networking, volunteering, and journalism. In the text box provided in the skills gap analysis file, include a summary of no more than 200 words describing the gaps you will work to reduce and the activities you will pursue to do so. Submit your updated skills gap analysis to the submission folder located in the final step of this project.

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