(Solved): Decreasing psychiatric ER visits;external and internal evidence


(Solved): Decreasing psychiatric ER visits;external and internal evidence

Please use the power point attached to this assignment and the comment under it as guidance.( I have rubric for the entire assignment for this semester so you can see the expectation but I want you to do the external and internal evidence, first The facility is a called People encouraging people in Baltimore MD (you can look it up to see what they are all about) I will be focusing on the patient in the PRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program) PRP. Its a day program, population of 170, age range 24-80yrs. Patients lives in different residential building with a counselors(not licensed) who assist them to ensure they take their medications, keep up with the residential rules and make sure they get ready and make it to the PRP day program. There is Case Manger that oversees case of load of patients. (1:20) There is a common nurse at the day program that oversees the medication and any clinical related issues. Some of the problem listed while talking to the nurse incudes; Ineffective communication between CM and nurse about patient’s condition before ER visit. “Some patient just wants more medication they feel they will get by going to the ER (substance abuse)” according to the nurse Inadequate clinical history of patient when they get admitted to the program, program mangers/ social workers goes to hospital/in patient unit to admit patient but do not come back with adequate clinical history( I feel having adequate history about patient will help them plan and know what to expect from patient, this can cut down) CM not also getting discharge summary patient return from ER/ hospital visit, even though they have a paper that be checked then fax to hospital to get this information. You can also include general problems and solution you get from research that can help decrease frequent visit to the psychiatric ER by outpatient clients Please let chart more after reading the instruction before you get started Can you also give me your contact to have should in case you decide to leave studybay so I can still follow up with you because I will continue this project till the next 3 semester. I won’t contact you, just would like to have it should in case you decide to leave.

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