(Solved): Employee Manual


(Solved): Employee Manual

Employee Orientation Procedural Manual Length: 4-5 pages Due: Tuesday 3/21 For this assignment, you will write up employee guidelines and procedures for a company familiar to you to be used in an orientation manual. Company manuals, distributed to all new employees, help to orient new workers, while also protecting the company. The company manual outlines important policies and regulations and procedures for workers. Key features of employee manuals include a description of the company, the company’s history, a list of services, products, and divisions, organization charts outlining the company’s personnel hierarchy, and a map of the facility. For this assignment, however, I would like you to focus on developing procedures/instructions for new employees who will be trained to do the job that you currently do or have done in the past at this company. Please use the document in your book on pages 284-299 (Case Documents 10-1B for illustrations and Case Document 10-2) as a model. Make sure you include the following information in your employee procedural/instruction orientation manual: Background/History of Company/Organization/Business Purpose of Procedural Discussion/Instructions: What do you expect your audience to be able to do once they read your procedures/instructions? Special knowledge, if any, needed to perform procedure/task. Required Tools/Materials/Equipment Needed for Performing their Job/s. Dress code: Please let your employees know what you consider to be professional and appropriate dress in the workplace, and identify any types of clothing that are prohibited. Safety regulations: Outline any important safety regulations that employees are expected to observe. Safety regulations in an office environment may be as simple as reporting spills. In a manufacturing environment, however, this section might outline regulations about hard hats, safety boots, and protective eyewear. Headings/Subheadings Outlining Tasks and Steps. Notes, Warnings, Caution, Danger Labels. Appropriately Labeled, Captioned and Cited Illustrations. Information about disciplinary action: Outline what employees can expect should they break any of the rules outlined in the manual. Will there be a face-to-face meeting with the employee for the first infraction, followed by placing the employee on probation? What infractions would be considered serious to lead to employee termination? In addition to referring to Chapter 10 in your textbook, make sure that you refer to Chapters 5 and 6, as well, which have tips related to visual rhetoric so that you will be able to implement persuasive design elements and clear graphics.

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