(Solved): Ethics among corporation in international business environment


(Solved): Ethics among corporation in international business environment

Read the three published articles attached, and summarize their findings, and make conclusions in terms of international business. For example, if the topic chosen is “fair compensation across expatriate and home-country employees,” search for articles on that topic. Select and read at least three articles, summarize the findings, and make recommendations on how to pay employees working for the same organization fairly across countries. In my case the topic is “ethics among corporation in international business environment” Literature Review Paper Sources: Three journal attached as PDF Format: The paper should be written in APA format and have the following parts: 1. Introduction and explanation of the topic or problem 2. Analysis and summary of the findings from the literature 3. Relate the analysis to course material 4. Conclusions and recommendations 5. References: provide full references for each of the articles used for the paper Each part should start with one of the numbered headings listed above. It should be typed double-spaced. the cours book in this link hahhahah….pdf

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