(Solved): Exit Strategy & SWOT analysis with reference for Ice cream truck business in San Antonio, Texas


(Solved): Exit Strategy & SWOT analysis with reference for Ice cream truck business in San Antonio, Texas

Write a SWOT analysis (at least 5 items on each category) for Icecream truck in San Antonio. Make sure you have references and justification on each items in SWOT analysis. Write in APA citation with reference. Here’s the executive summary for the business: This business plan will show what is needed to open a new mobile ice cream truck business in San Antonio, Texas. We will be using liquid nitrogen (LN2) in a safe manner to make ice cream inside the food truck as customers wait, the process of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is a swift process, some customers might enjoy looking at ice cream being made using liquid nitrogen (LN2). We plan to serve LN2 ice cream in a 6 or 8 ounces cups at a price between $4.50 to $5.00 each. Our goal is to work nights and on the weekends, selling alcohol flavored ice cream to only adults and to sell regular ice cream to customers who do not want alcohol flavored ice cream. The only employees of this company will be the six student members, because we are a new startup company and do not have the funds to hire employees at this time. Our goal is to buy one food truck with the essential equipment and supplies to begin our business venture. Our suppliers will be Ace Mart for food equipment, Weber Flavors for the alcohol-flavored ice cream and this includes regular ice cream flavors, Airgas to buy liquid nitrogen for making ice cream. In addition, we plan use and purchase the following ingredients of whole organic milk, vanilla bean, sugar, cornstarch, and vanilla extract from a local grocery store, like HEB. Our financial plan is to get half the funds by getting a loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the other needed funds from the other six-team members, who will get personal loans from a business bank. By having a unique food product to sell, we believe that our success in San Antonio will only grow every year and we could expand to having two food trucks by end of year three or five.

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